Happiness Ltd.

Happiness LTD. Happiness Ltd. (Look inside!)
By: Michael McGhee
Format: Trade paperback, 300 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-9674922-4-7
Paperback: $17.95 (+ $3.99 shipping and handling)


Happiness Ltd. is a darkly comic thriller with a chilling vision of our consumer culture’s future. The world’s biggest corporations have united to form the first global nation, promising a new era of prosperity. Happiness Ltd. governs countries like a business: keeping its customers happy, squashing competition, and covering up bad news with a smile. But when star employee Nelson Young falls in love with Celia, a disenfranchised rebel, he becomes a liability. Nelson and Celia try to escape, but are charged with economic terrorism and put on trial for their lives. happinesslimited.com




Michael McGhee is the pen name of an investigative reporter who now writes speeches for a company that must not be named. He covered Wall Street for many years, where he observed some of the best and worst traits of human behavior. For more than twenty years, he has spent his mornings writing fiction. He is married with two children and lives in New York City.

He can be contacted at facebook.com/michaelmcghee66 facebook.com/happinessltd and on Twitter @HappinessLtdMM


Critical Praise for Happiness Ltd.

Author Michael McGhee clearly depicts a world obsessed with spending, and a reader can feel the depth of the situation he has created. . . . The novel’s consumerism premise is quite believable and described as almost inevitable, which adds to the excitement of the novel. It allows readers to explore a futuristic world that’s not so outlandish that it leaves them behind. McGhee traces actions to their logical conclusions, sometimes with humorous effects. . . . The strength of Happiness Ltd. is in McGhee’s clear prose and the depth of this dystopian future. Seeing how various characters navigate the world is fascinating and allows readers to explore with them. . . . [It is] a frightening wakeup call to an American society that could easily move in that direction.

-Melanie J. Cordova, Santa Fe Writers Project Journal, June 23, 2014


“A highly original and gripping novel, this is also a frightening commentary on overarching governmental control, with just enough plausibility to be terrifying.”

-Publishers Weekly


“If you wonder if Edward Snowden’s revelations matter, read this book and think about it for a while.”

-Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature