The novelist “of all men cannot think only of himself or for himself. And when the last page is written and the ink crusts on the pen-point . . . he will be able to say: ‘I never truckled, I never took off the hat to Fashion and held it out for pennies. By God, I told them the truth. They liked it or they didn’t like it. What had that to do with me? I told them the truth; I knew it for the truth then, and I know it for the truth now.’”

—Frank Norris
World’s Work, October 1901





Girl, World is a collection of stories about survival: women discovering their untapped strengths and their metamorphoses into becoming whole. Mixing lyricism, stark realism, emotional depth, and vivacious language, Alex Poppe has crafted unforgettable female characters who navigate through places where the big political picture is captured in their personal stories. Congratulations to her for being celebrated as one of 35 debut authors aged 35 and over who published their first books in 2017. Recognition keeps coming for the author of Girl, World: she is a finalist for a Montaigne Medal, which recognizes thought-provoking literature; a finalist for the First Horizon Award, which recognizes superior writing from a debut author; and a winner of an Eric Hoffer Award. More accolades for this author and her work can be found on her author page.













Front Cover for Patsy


Cut on the Bias by Patsy Asuncion is a collection of adult poetry by an American-Filipino poet who explores issues of racial identity, senseless war, poverty, class consciousness, environmental threats, and love and relationships.





Porch Light front cover



Porch Light is the second volume of adult poetry by the former US Children’s Poem Laureate, J . Patrick Lewis, author of Gulls Hold Up the Sky







Developing MInds Front Cover



Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story, a novel by Jonathan LaPoma, is set in a Miami middle school and chronicles the experiences of teachers and their at-risk students struggling to survive a school year. A disturbing, and oftentimes humorous, portrayal of the American public education system, Developing Minds is definitely not your Stand and Deliver or Teacher Man experience. Winner of the Stargazer Literary Prize in the category of Visionary and Metaphysical Fiction and nominated for a National Book Award.



Cover for A Noble Truth


A Noble Truth is a prize-winning screenplay by Jonathan LaPoma, the author of the novel, Developing Minds: An American Ghost Story. Two estranged best friends set off on a road trip to explore what truths, if any, unite people in a modern America dominated by apathy and discord. It is soon clear, however, that truth is the last things either man seeks. Awareness Film Festival, 2014, 1st Place Award; West Field Screenwriting Awards, 2014, 1st Place — “The New York Award”; Sacramento International Film Festival, 2014, Official Selection; Oaxaca Film Festival, 2013, Official Selection; Beverly Hills International Film Festival, 2014, Finalist.



American 419 and other stories
American 419 and Other Stories is by the Nigerian fiction writer and journalist, Adetokunbo Abiola. It is set in modern-day Nigeria and dramatically captures the emotional and physical consequences of sectarian warfare, “get rich quick” scams, environmental rape and personal suffering caused by corporate interests, poverty, and the struggles to attain money, status, and material goods. It is a highly original work and draws heavily from the author’s experiences.




Happiness Ltd.
Happiness Ltd. by the investigative reporter, Michael McGhee, takes place in the Manhattan of the near future, after global economic collapse has forced nations to turn over the reins of power to an international mega-corporation that governs countries like a business: keeping its customers happy, squashing competition, and covering up bad news with a smile. Privacy no longer exists, citizens are required to meet daily shopping quotas or risk becoming disenfranchised, threats to the agenda of consumerism are labeled as “economic terrorism,” and living conditions have been severely altered as a result of climate change. The novel is chilling, suspenseful, and darkly comic, and challenges the reader to think about the consequences of life in contemporary America.



F&R cover

Filth & Romance is the debut novel of the Italo-Australian writer, Roberto Roja. It is the semi-autobiographical story, written in the tradition of Charles Bukowski, Hunter Thompson, and Henry Miller, of a young writer who lives in Florence, Italy, and who tries to find meaning in a world dominated by love, sex, and madness. “Filth & Romance comes from deep in the groin with volcanic eruptions of passion. Holy Jesus! Finally, we have gonzo erotica.” William McKeen, author of Outlaw Journalist: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson.





The first three volumes of the Remember The Past: Suggested Readings series are now available. This series is devoted to giving attention to writings from the early part of the twentieth century that raised public consciousness about social issues. Well-received when published, these works are just as relevant today, as they help the reader answer the question, “How much progress has the United States really made in the past hundred years, in terms making the life of its citizens better?” The first authors to: be reprinted in this series are Frank Norris, Upton Sinclair, and Jack London.



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