The Inn of Fallen Leaves, a novel by Mitch Davies

Laughing Fire Press is a distributor of the historical novel of Japan, The Inn of Fallen Leaves, by Mitch Davies. The novel is set within the changing culture of nineteenth century Japan, transitioning from a feudal system where samurais were respected and honored to one that is beginning to become more industrial and where samurais are starting to lose their status in society.

The novel tells the story of two such samurai, one involved in an assassination plot and one who has renounced his samurai status and works as a handyman at an inn, both of whom desire the same woman. Circumstances bring the two men into conflict over the changing cultural values and the woman whose heart they wish to win. The reader will be caught up in the emotional and physical struggles of all the characters as they try to find their place in the new Japanese order.

Meticulously researched by the author, The Inn of Fallen Leaves presents an enthralling tale of how individuals cope with the uncertainties of sweeping societal change.

An excerpt from the novel is available at and the book is available for purchase in both print and ebook formats at and in ebook formats at other online ebook retailers.

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