Sailing Towards Something and Away from Nothing . . . by Roberto Roja

Roberto Roja is the author of Filth & Romance, published by Laughing Fire Press


Coffee stained nights

Sun kissed days

The flesh yearns for the right kind of touch

We drink too much

Fuck too often

Love very little

The wheels are spun in opposite directions

The confusion takes over and we burn

In the abyss of an untamed sea of filth,

Where the waves carry the ashes of our broken down bones and flesh

Technically advanced

The music and magic fading

Tracked down by the satellites and governments

Nowhere to hide baby

Except for the wind that ushers new ideas and sacred tales

Into the spirit and mind.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen

We are sailing towards a projection

Of a shiny materialistic light that has captured our attention

Plastic surgery

Buy this

Buy that

50% off all items

Talentless pop icons

Without an inch

Of balls

Swagger or


War glorified by computer games

With every youth mind fucked and

Programmed to enlist for the armed services

By the time they hit 18

Not knowing who or what they are fighting for …

The false light continues to shine

And the masses sail on towards the mirage

But little do they know

Behind the veil lies

A domain of soulless and robotic entities

Ready to devour it all

Innocent civilians murdered

No one to point the finger at

Continuous negative news feeds

Pouring out from the bowels

Of every mutated anchor man

And woman from across the globe

Monkey SEE …

Monkey Dooooooooooooo

The mouth is shut closed

The ears hear the sound of a new calling

The eyes gaze through the false camouflage

And projection

Of where they want us to be

To think

To act


There will be no help from the church

The Military

The Politicians

The Corporations

The Anchormen

The gods

The saints

The sinners

Kim Kardashian


The Beiber

None them will see it coming

We as one race will come good

In the end

And sail away from their demise

The music will blossom again

And the magic will

Shine on

Across all borders and dimensions

So the white dove can finally fly free

Out of the darkness

Born again

Spreading her wings

To the undiscovered realms

Ready to be revealed

Like the bare



Of a woman’s flesh

First touched and admired

By the eyes and soul

Of a travelling

And nomadic youth

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