Independent Presses

Independent Presses

Biddle Publishing Company & Audenreed Press – publishing books in the areas of criminal justice, history, prisons, and social concerns, among others

Black Rose Books – critical writing on politics, cultural studies, history, philosophy, sociology, the environment, and the media

Cinco Puntos Press – publishers of multicultural literature

Coffee House Press – presenting the dreams and ambitions of peoples who have been under-represented in literature

Curbstone Press – publishing literature that reflects a commitment to social change

The Feminist Press – works of women’s fiction, nonfiction, and history

Green Integer – publishing essays, manifestos, statements, speeches, maxims, epistles, diaristic jottings, notes, natural histories, ramblings, and revelations

Latin American Literary Review / Press – creative writing and literary criticism

New Society Publishers – publishing books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society

Seven Stories Press – committed to social justice, human rights, and radical activism

South End Press – publishing books that encourage critical thinking and constructive action on key political, cultural, social, economic, and ecological issues

The New Press – operating in the public interest and committed to providing books of educational, cultural, and community value

Theatre Communications Group – contemporary and classic drama

White Pine Press – works of literature from around the world


American Civil Liberties Union

Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc.

Florida State University School of Criminology Criminal Justice Links

Institute for the Study of Civic Values

Prisoners’ Rights

Social Issues Resource Centre

The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

UC Berkeley – Media resources dealing with social, political, and cultural issues in America

WebRing links to criminal justice sites

These are a sampling of links found by searching the web. If anyone knows of other relevant links that should be listed, please with that information.